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The DFF charity helps youth preflight their futures, so they can soar above the challenges of life while avoiding the turbulence of adolescence. 
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Provide families access to holistic education opportunities that develops the mind and heart.


A positive transformation in society with new generations that possess a higher emotional intelligence. 



2010 then USAF Pilot Capt Ryan Reed

I'm Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Reed, a pilot in the United States Air Force Reserve. I started this non-profit in order to bring a new perspective to children and teens on how to overcome adversity and deal with the emotional challenges of life. I grew up in a family where I was always moving and facing struggles of fitting into new schools and groups. 

As an adult I faced the struggles of being in an abusive relationship and had to deal with the demons of navigating a toxic marriage. 

I completed a BA in Art with a specialization in Sculpture and have a Master's from Embry Riddle in Aviation Safety. I bring a right and left brain approach to life. I believe in the benefits of art, yoga, meditation to mental health while incorporating an organized systematic based approach to learning. 

At age 38 I met Lisbeth Coto a successful school principal and spiritually awakened soul. It was through reading and being introduced to the benefits of meditation, yoga and most importantly mindfulness, I learned that a shift in my perspective improved my life significantly. This awakening drove our interest in bringing personal growth to children and giving them this perspective at a young age so they can deal with the emotional and mental health challenges of their life.

Services such as mindfulness, meditation yoga and art/music therapy for children requires funding that doesn't exist at public and private schools. I started this foundation with the help of my amazing partner and experienced educator Lisbeth Coto to meet that need. With the help of leaders in our community like yourself we can support these programs and make an amazing impact in the lives of generations to come and ultimately society overall.


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