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Support our Go Fund Me Campaign - Helping Medically Fragile Children - Click on button below!!

The goal of our nonprofit, Divine Flight Foundation, is to support educational models that support mental health, education and the arts. This school year, we are raising funds for low-income, medically fragile students with disabilities to access innovative educational services.

The families of the students we raise funds for have not found success in the traditional public school system. Not only do their children require medical care, but they need additional modifications individualized to their needs. These families desperately seek personalized attention, love and care in addition to the services offered at their Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPECs).

While most of the students qualify for scholarships, the process of applying and receiving funds may take up to a year (or more). During this long wait time, these children, miss out on academic services and other activities that help them develop while providing a healthy quality of life.

The funds raised will sponsor 26 student's educational services and holistic programs for one school year, allowing them to start receiving these services immediately. This would avoid an academic year lost waiting on the application process to be completed and approved.

When you donate, you will be improving the lives of these children by providing them the opportunity to be enrolled in their School of Choice, just like many students in parochial schools, homeschooling programs and other options that they are privy to. BE THE LIGHT!

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